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Strategic Planning Professional Certification
(20-22 April 2020) at Armada Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (HRDF Claimable)

This program is a certification program of the Association of Certified Business Consultants, Malaysia. This is a highly practical course to help develop and enhance your strategic planning skills. Certification in Strategic Planning satisfies the educational requirements of the Certified Strategic Planner designation. Experience requirement for the certification is three years.

Why attend?

This course is designed for those responsible for strategic management, finance management, business analysis, group accountancy, corporate development, operations, business development and planning, business performance, planning and budgeting, marketing information, research and development, business systems management, business project management, business information and corporate planning.

Benefits of Attending

Make the best strategic choices to ensure better bottom line results;

Evaluate your business strategy to increase business effectiveness;

Formulate business strategy in the face of increased globalization;  

Successfully implement strategic change across the organization and match business operations with your business plan;

Maximize your marketing and sales strategies to beat competition and align financial planning with your business;